One of the most frustrating parts about work is that you need to be in a constant move to make your idea stand among all. You are always either preparing a presentation for a meeting or simply editing more work.

However, problems such as the Brother Printer in Error State may create trouble and interrupt in the entire printing process. So, if you see an error code message popping in your system then get it resolved immediately.

So before you thrash out your printer make sure to follow the instructions below. Our comprehensive guide will help you to resolve most of the types of error codes in a Brother Printer.

Why Does My Brother Printer go into Error State?

There could be a number of reasons due to which your device may face errors. One of the most common reasons is a communication glitch between the printer and the system. Also, wrong printer settings and configuration can also play a huge role in such errors.

Always make sure that your drivers aren’t outdated or corrupted. Lastly, also check if the wires or USBs are placed properly in your printer.

How can I Fix Brother Printer in Error State Issue?

Opting help from a technician isn’t the only way to fix the printer error state issue. You can also try to troubleshoot the problem manually.

Take a look at the methods mentioned below, but remember to turn off the firewall before doing so.

  1. Ensure that Brother Printer has no Errors. Then Turn it on.

– Check if the status LED is lit. This will ensure that your printer is on. While doing so also see if all the cable connections are intact and the power outlets or cables work or not.

– Also make sure that the LEDs has no errors. If you find any then opt for technical help immediately.

  1. Try to Download and Run the Network Repair Utility

If there is a network error then the Network Repair utility tool can actually help you. Here are some steps to download this software tool.

  1. Go to the official Brother website and then download the utility
  2. Then make a temporary folder on hard disk drive. This will be your location to save the downloaded self-extracting file.
  3. Wait for the download to be complete and then open up the folder and double click on the downloaded utility.
  4. Now, open the ‘nettool’ folder. Then double click on ‘BrotherNetTool.exe’.
  5. You only need to follow the on-screen instructions now.

In case you have more than one Brother Printer devices, this utility can only diagnose one of your devices. Choose the one you wish to troubleshoot.

  1. Check the Connection of your Device to the Router or Access Point

You need to see if there is a secure connection between your printer and the router via an Ethernet Cable. To troubleshoot any available issue res-eat the cable and on both of the access points.

  1. Ensure a Stable Connection between the Brother Printer and Your System

– Start by obtaining your device’s IP address.

– Next, click on the GO button on your printer.

– Now, obtain the IP address for the computer.

– On the system click ‘Start’ and then ‘Run’.

– Here, enter CMD and then click on ENTER. You will see that a prompt window has opened.

– Now type IPCONFIG and click on ENTER. If you do not receive an IP address then there may be a probable error with the network connection in your computer.

– You can then ping the Brother printer

– Finally perform a network factory reset.


What Alternate Ways can be used to Fix Brother Printer Error Code Issue?

If the issue doesn’t resolves from the above mentioned methods then try following some of the basic instructions which can help you get your printing device back to its functionality.


  • Empty out the print queue
  • After trying each method attempt a printing test.
  • Configure the Printer Driver Port Settings
  • Make firmware updates
  • Finally, you can just try to uninstall and then re-install the drivers for your printing device.

In the scenario where nothing resolve the problem just opt for some professional help. Contacting a proficient expert for Brother Printer in Error State issue can help save a lot of time and doesn’t let the device go into technical damage. If you are intrigued by our instructions then do give them a try before you splurge your bucks on technical expert’s for Brother.