Brother Printer in Error State- How to Fix Error Code Problem?

Is your Brother Printer Creating Issues for you? Yes, don’t worry, your printer may have gone unruly due to Brother Printer Error problem. This can easily happen to Brother Laser Printers, All-in-One printers, and inkjet printers from the brand. When you see an error code message pop then know that it is the first warning to troubleshoot the error code problem.

In this page, you can expect to find your answers to-

  1. Reasons to Brother Printer in Error State
  2. Brother Printer error codes reasons
  3. Troubleshooting steps and methods
  4. Brother Printer Error Light
  5. Paper jam error and other issues

Why Brother Printer Error occurs?

There could be a heap of reasons which may be causing the Brother Printer in Error State issue. The reasons vary with each error. Take a look at the reasons for the Error Codes.

  1. There may be an issue with the fuser unit
  2. The laser unit or laser motor is having a malfunction
  3. A paper jam error has occurred
  4. The scanner maybe unable to read ongoing documents
  5. Defected Printhead
  6. Your Brother Printer is unable to detect the ink cartridges.
  7. Malfunction in the hardware of the printer

These are only some of the reasons which is responsible for the Brother Printer in Error State problem. Make sure that you get these problems resolved in order to get your printer running properly.

What is Brother Printer Error Light? How to resolve it? 

Brother Printer Error printing can be cause by another issue which is the flashing Error LED. If Brother Printer Error Light message in popping on your screen then ensure to follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Things to Keep in Mind Prior the Troubleshooting

Here are a few points which needs to be kept in mind before you start with resolving the problem.

  1. Start by clearing the Brother Printer paper jam error.
  2. Next, ensure that the fuser cover is not open
  3. There might be a situation where the memory is full or the print is overrunning.
  4. A paper jam in the rear end.

How to Clear the Paper Jam Error to Resolve Brother Printer Error Light Problem?

We have a few steps which will help troubleshoot the issue effectively-

  1. Start by unplugging the printer from the wall socket.
  2. Then, open the front cover and the take out the drum unit. Make sure that you assemble toner cartridge properly.
  3. You can now pull the paper tray out of your Brother Printer.
  4. When you find any paper jammed into the printer, then make sure to take it out very carefully.
  5. If there is any paper inside the drum unit, then ensure to pull it out carefully as well.
  6. Also, make sure to enter the papers properly in alignment.

These steps should be able to fix the Brother Printer Error Light issue. If you find yourself in any trouble, then make sure to avail technical help for the error.

Common Brother Printer Error, Reasons and Immaculate Ways to Fix Them Up

There are a few Brother Printer Error codes, about which we will discussing below here.      For your convenience we are also offering you with reasons and solutions to each of these Errors.

1.Brother Printer Error Code E50

Reason – This is one error code which often occurs when a malfunction has occurred with the fuser unit.

Solution – You can try to turn off the printer for at least 5 minutes and then turn on to check if the issue resolved or not. If not, then contact for technical help.

2.Brother Printer Error Code 51

Reason- A malfunction has occurred with the laser unit. And, due to this the laser beam is not detected.

Solution- Try to turn the printer off and then switch it on in a couple of minutes.

3.Brother Printer Error Code 50

Reason- This error occurs when the drum unit needs to be changed.

Solution- You can replace the drum unit and further reset the drum life counter. Also, check if the method has worked or not.

4.Brother Printer Error Code 74

Reason– The major reason for this error to occur is that your printer is running low on ink levels.  

Solution- You can get a replacement for the ink toner to make your printer functional once again.

5.Brother Printer Error Code 46

Reason- Sometimes, when you print you will notice that waster toner is produced during the entire process.

Solution- To resolve the error code you can replace the toner for your Brother Printer.

6.Brother Printer Error Code 38

Reason– There is a fault in the print head.

Solution- To resolve the error, you would have to figure the problem with the print head and fix it.

7.Brother Printer Error Code 26

Reason- Such an error occurs when your Brother Printer is not able to detect one of the ink cartridges.

Solution- One of the best solutions to resolve the problem is to figure the problem, or you can even try to replace that particular ink cartridge.

8.Brother Printer Error Code CF

Reason- The major reason behind this error is that a full waste toner box. These waste get collected during your printing processes.

Solution- Go to the waste toner box replacement section and then follow the on screen-instructions, once you are done with that the issue should be resolved.

9.Brother Printer Error Code 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E, 6F, 68 and 69

Reason- These are all the error codes which are related with Fuser Unit Failure. The error codes mentioned in ways such as – too hot, not hot enough, or the lack in heating. Mostly, based upon temperature based issues.

Solution- To fix the error code at ease you can simply try to restart the printer. Check if the issue is resolved or not. If not then make sure that you contact for professional help.

10.Brother Printer Ts-02

Reason- The main reason behind the error code is things such as – corrupted system file entries, there is an incomplete printer installation and  or there is certainly a damage in the windows file.

Solution – Make sure that you resolve the error as soon as possible with technical help.

11.Brother Printer Error 34, 33, 30 and 35

Reason- If you are facing any of the above mentioned errors then it might be due to the reason that your – print head carriage has failed to return to its prior position, or the print cartridge is not locked securely.

Solution– Always ensure that you are checking the Print Cartridge. If the error still persists then you can also reinstall each of the ink cartridges.

If your Brother Printer is in error mode then do not worry because all of those error codes can be resolved here at the earliest of times with proper Brother Printer technical help. With the help of expert technicians you will be able to resolve the error at the earliest possible.