There is no introduction required for Brother Printers, as they are already so popular and have already earned the trust of numerous users worldwide. In this blog you can find solutions for the Brother MFC-9130CW, and the setup instructions provided here can also be used for other Brother’s wireless color laser printer.

And, the good news is that following these instructions for the setup of Brother Printer can really help fasten the process.

What are the Things to do Before the Brother Printer Setup?

Before you proceed with the setup process be sure to do the things mentioned below-

  1. You must make sure that you have no other programs running behind. This will hamper the process when you insert the CD into your printer.
  2. Usually, the installation program would run automatically. But, if not then you can surely locate it from your computer’s CD/DVD drive. One other option is to download the latest version of drivers from the Official Brother Printer Website.
  3. During the connection, you will get two options. You have the choice to opt for either Local Connection in USB or Wireless Network Connection.
  4. Then, once the installation gets to detection by the firewall or your antivirus software. Be sure to ‘Change the settings and enable proper network connection’.
  5. This is the time when you need to select the destination location as well as the program folder.
  6. Here, are some features which you need to select for a proper wireless printing from your Brother Printer device. Some of such features are- Remote Setup, Status Monitor, Network Scanner, Control Centre 4 Network Printer Driver.

If you do not find these steps helpful then feel free to consult help from reliable platforms regarding the Brother Printer Setup process.

How to Send and receive fax from your PC?

If you are figuring out ways to send and receive fax, then here are some steps which can completely help you out. Adhere well and you will be all set to go.

  1. At the starting you will have to choose the ‘Yes’ option so that your PC starts registering along with the function of ‘Scan to’ in your Brother printer device.
  2. Then, ensure to enter a name. One of the best part is that it’s most impossible to read and added possibilities.
  3. now, go for ‘Recommended’ option and ensure that all the tablets, smartphones, laptops are connecting well with the Wi-Fi.
  4. Finally, click the finish button once when you see that the installation process has been completed.

In case, you have any more trouble with the Brother Printer Setup process then make sure to seek direct technical help from experts.