Brand New Printer? Learn Tips for Brother Printer Setup & Installation

Brother Printer has earned a reputation for the innovation of incredibly functional printing devices for both office and work purposes. And, this is the reason why most people are inclined towards buying printers from Brother. But, not everybody is a technician or has a degree at resolving technical issues, right?

Hence, we understand that getting a proper guide for your Brother Printer setup is essential. So, we are here to offer you with all the information and instructions which you will be needing for Brother Printer Setup.

What are the Key Steps for Brother Printer Setup? 

In this section, we will help you with the setup of Brother Printer by using Wireless setup and USB cable. Before you start with the process make sure that your PC is on a network. Also, ensure that before the configuration, remember a few things for the Wireless Network Settings of the WLAN access or the Router.

  • Get the Network Name
  • And, the Network Key
  1. Start with unpacking your Brother Printer.
  2. Next, make sure that you take out all the printer accessories and place them properly.
  3. Now, start with plugging the cables to the power sockets. While doing so also check if the cables have arrived in a perfect condition or not.
  4. Then, connect the printer to a well-established network connection
  5. Set preferences such as – language, country, and time on the control panel of the Brother Printer.

Always try testing out your printer. If you still face any issues with the device then do not hesitate to contact for professional printer help.

What are the steps for Brother Printer Setup on Wireless Network?

If you are planning to setup Brother Printer on a Wireless Network, then the instructions mentioned below can help you out completely.

  1. Get the setup of the printing device ready.
  2. Always ensure that you do remember the SSID or the encryption key to your Network Key.
  3. To find both the network name and the password, check the side and the base of the router.
  4. Now, go to the Menu button on the control panel.
  5. Further, press up and down arrow key which will enable you to select the Network. Press OK.
  6. Again, press the same keys in order to select the WLAN. Then, press OK.
  7. Once more, press the up and down keys to choose the Setup Wizard. Press OK now.
  8. When you see the option for WLAN Enable? Choose yes to enable the wireless network.
  9. Now, choose the SSID.
  10. Finally, use the authentication and encryption method. Doing this would require a Network Key.

These steps will surely help you with the setup of Brother Printer on a Wireless Network. In case, you have any additional queries then make sure to contact printer technicians anytime for help.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Connecting to Wifi issue? 

It is very common for users of Brother Printer to face connectivity errors. In case you are one of those users who is also facing this issue then make sure that you follow the given steps.

  1. Check that your Brother Printer is turned on or not.
  2. Next, if you see a blank screen then it means that the device is off. Make sure to turn it on.
  3. Also, there is a possibility that your printer is in sleep mode. Press the power button to resolve the problem.
  4. One other thing to check is if your Brother printer is plugged properly on the power outlet or not.

Check the above-mentioned points and it is sure to eradicate the connectivity error for your Printer. If it doesn’t then contact for direct help anytime. Your issues to Brother Printer setup Wifi will be resolved at the earliest with easy guides.

How to Fix Brother hl-L2320d Wireless Setup Issue?

If you are having a problem with printing after you have done the setup for brother hl-L2320d, then we have a few solutions for you. Take a look and follow them carefully to resolve the setup problem.

  1. The first method to try is to turn off the Brother hl-L2320d printer. You can also wait for a couple of seconds and then turn on the printer. We would recommend you to wait for at least 3 minutes.
  2. You can also use the Network Connection Tool which will allow you to fix the network settings.

In case you end up failing to implement the instructions then make sure to seek direct technical help from Brother Printer experts.

What is the process for Brother Printer Driver Download?

Are you trying to download Brother Printer drivers? If yes, then we have a few steps which will help you out with the complete download process.

  1. It is important that you first go to the Brother Product Support Center page from the official website.
  2. Next, make an entry for the Brother Printer model number.
  3. On the page, you will see the option for Downloads. Select it.
  4. Now, you need to make the selection for your current operating system.
  5. Under the Drivers option, select the Printer Driver option.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions and hit on the option for Downloads
  7. In the last step, click on the downloaded .exe file and ensure to follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers? 

Now that the process for download is complete, we need to install the driver for functionality. Make sure to adhere to the steps properly-

  1. Ensure that you have a strong internet connection because installing the built-in drivers would require an internet connection.
  2. You can check the availability of drivers for your OS by visiting Brother Printer Official website.
  3. In order to install the driver, you would need to connect the Printer to your computer via USB cable. Then the driver will get installed automatically.
  4. If the Brother Printer Drivers does not connect automatically, then make sure to reconnect the USB cable, or simply restart the PC as well the printer.

We hope that these solutions will help you with the Brother Printer Drivers Installation. In case, if it doesn’t then do not hesitate to seek technical help from professionals who have their expertise in resolving Brother Printer issues.

What is the Procedure to Install Brother Printer Driver without CD? 

Honestly, not everybody can use CD-ROM for the installation of Brother Printer Drivers. And, the truth is that not every PC today comes with a CD-ROM. So, let’s talk about the steps which will help you with the installation process of Brother Printer Drivers.

  1. You can try to find the driver directly at the Brother Support Solutions Center. Their official site will provide you all the details which you require about drivers and its download as well as the installation process.
  2. Then, the next thing which you can try is to configure the printer to your available network.
  3. If the above-mentioned methods do not work then make sure that you contact for help from proficient experts.

Help for Brother Printer Models – Setup and Other Technical Glitches 

  • Brother Printer hl-3170cdwOld Brother Printer models
  • Brother Printer mfc-7860dw
  • Hl-12321d brother printer
  • Brother Printer mfc-j470dw
  • Hl 1111 Brother Printer
  • Brother Printer mfc- 7860dw

Mostly, these methods work for all Brother Printer models including the ones mentioned above.