So you started by connecting & adding your printer to Windows 10, right? So, now comes the part where you are worried about the drivers. Well, let us tell you that finding the right printer according to your printer is a piece of cake.

Just go to the official Canon Website, then enter the model name & number of the printer. It will automatically detect the OS which is currently in use. Download only the latest printer driver which is available for your Canon Printer.


What are some of the Common Canon Printer Driver Issues?

Take a look at some of the Canon driver issues which you may face during the use of the device-

  1. The drivers do get damaged when you get to removing the other software
  2. Drivers can easily become outdated, and then needs to be replaced.
  3. Canon Printer Drivers do not provide compatibility to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and new Windows 10.
  4. You will often see the drivers being corrupted while updating Windows OS.

If you are tackling any of these problems then reaching out for professional help is a recommended idea.

How to Download Canon Printer Driver Instantly?

Here are some instructions which you may use for manual download of the drivers.


  1. Open your preferred search engine and then type Canon, its model number and ‘driver’.
  2. From the search results you will see the official link to download the driver. Select it and you will easily be directed to the download page.
  3. Now, select the OS which you are currently using.
  4. Click on the button for download.
  5. Also, make sure that you have the require information if you need to find the perfect driver manually.
  6. Obtain the Printer’s model name, OS, and the appropriate driver version.


Canon Printer Drivers Update for Windows 10 – Right way to Update!


  1. Start by typing Canon Printer Driver lbp2900b, then press enter.
  2. Now from here you will be re-directed to a page.
  3. Do not get thrown by the list of downloads here.
  4. Select ‘Driver’’ and the complete package for your device.
  5. Next, you will see a print driver only option.
  6. Make sure to click on one of the items.
  7. Then, click on ‘Accept and Download’.
  8. After the download is complete just get it installed.


For any additional help regarding Canon Printer Drivers update for Windows 10 you reach out to Printer professionals