How to Deal with Common Canon Printer Error Codes?

Canon Printer Error Codes is one of those problems which occur unexpectedly.  and can obviously leave you with a non-functional printer machine. And, without a doubt, such a glitch is frustrating for any user. When your device is going through an issue, an error message will pop up, and the code in the message indicates the problem with your printing machine.

Now, obviously there are an array of ways through which you can avail solutions like seeking out for professional printer help. But, at times this can even cost you a fortune so before you proceed try to keep up with the instructions mentioned below to fix Canon Printer Error Codes problem.

And, remember once you face such an issue with your Canon printer, don’t just frown over your device. Rather, you are welcome to visit this blog anytime in order to find solutions for these error codes.

What to Expect Here?

As we understand that such error codes can easily hamper your device’s performance so we are providing you some of our valuable insight on Error Codes.

  1. Learn the Different Types of Canon Printer Error Codes
  2. Reasons and Causes to Canon printer in Error State
  3. Solutions to fix each of these codes

List of Canon Printer Error Codes and Their Solutions

Welcome to the section for which you were waiting so eagerly. Let’s start with the error codes, their causes and effective solutions to resolve the problem.


Reason – The ink cartridges in your device may be running out of ink.

Solution- Go ahead and replace the empty ink cartridges with newer ones which are compatible to your device.


Reason – If you are facing any of the above two errors then understand that your device is asking you to replace the empty ink cartridges. And, in case are error is shown after you have replaced the cartridges with new ones, then the solution for this is mentioned below.

Solution – On your device, press the hold down button for atleast 10 seconds. This will allow your device to function normally. Just turn it on and get ready to print.


Reason – The ink cartridges has not been installed in a proper way.

Solution –To fix the error, start by removing the cartridges. But, remember that you need to retract the output tray extension before you get the cover to open. Then, carefully reinstall the cartridges back again. If you hear a click sound then you have been successful in installing it through.


Reason- When your Canon Printer doesn’t support the installed ink cartridges then this issue can occur. You will also notice that an orange light blinking 14 times.

Solution – A solution which we offer is to purchase only the compatible cartridges. Also, if you are still confused then sometimes a major cause for this error is that the ink tank of the printer was sold in a different region from where the device was initially bought.


Reason- This issue may occur if the print head is broken or there is a damaging problem in the device.

Solution- Such an error is difficult to resolve on its own so you may require the help of an expert technician here.


Reason- This error is also known as the general error message.

Solution- And, troubleshooting this problem is extremely easy. You just have to restart your printing machine or simply reset it.


Reason- A probable service error may have occurred.

Solution – To fix the problem, you need to turn off the device and open the printer cover. Also, make sure that you do not have any protective tape or white polystyrene on the cover. If you find any then remove it immediately. Now, reconnect and test printing.

  1. CANON ERROR CODE 1684/1682

Reason- The cause behind this problem is that your printing device is unable to recognize the cartridge. And, this may occur as the gold contact area on the front of the cartridge has been damaged.

Solution- Get a towel and remove any dirt or ink from that area. Also, try to reinstall the ink cartridges if required.


Reason- If any of the above mentioned errors are bothering you then understand their underlying cause first. These errors pop due to technical or bug related issues.

Solution – Here are a few things which you may try to resolve the problem.

  • Pause all the pending print jobs
  • Try to perform a factory reset
  • Printer Driver reinstallation
  • Turn off the firewall if required
  • Finally, try to replace the printer cartridges.

Reason- This error mostly pops when you are trying to print documents from Mac.

Solution- Give these steps a shot and see if the problem resolves or not.

  • Go ahead and click on the ‘Apple’ icon.
  • Then, proceed to ‘System Preferences’.
  • Now, click on ‘Print and Fax’.
  • In case, you see that the padlock is locked, then click on it and further type your password. Click ‘Next’.
  • Finally, select the – button. This will help remove the printer.
  • Now, click on + button so that you can add the printer back again and also leave all the options back to default.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6000 Easily? 

The 6000 error in your printer is a common problem for users. And, if you are somebody who is looking to solve this problem then we are here to help you out.


  • One of the major causes to this error is when the input tray obstructs opening. This may happen because something is stuck in it like dust or paper strips.
  • Another reason is when there are multiple commands for printing at one time.
  • The line feed has a scratch.
  • A probable defect in the sensor unit

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Remove the plug and then leave it likewise for a few seconds
  • Next, turn the Canon printer back on.
  • You may have to follow the same procedure for atleast 2 times
  • Then, release the Power button
  • Now, click on the Stop button. This has be clicked on four times.

If you are still unable to find solution to Canon Printer Error Code 6000 then make sure to get your printer checked by a professional.