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  • Canon Printer Products
  • Most amazing Canon Printer Features
  • Canon Support
  • Common Canon Printer Issues
  • Canon Printer is Offline – Troubleshoot
  • Steps to Canon Printer Offline Windows 10
  • Canon Printer Offline Mac
  • Connecting Canon Printer to Wifi
  • Canon Pixma MG3630 Wireless Connectivity Issue

How to Reset Canon Printer Offline to Online? Troubleshooting Advice

It’s been 80 years since Canon established its roots into the world of technology. And, since that time Canon has been redefining the way customers use and equipment and information systems. Also, when it comes to printers, Canon has designed one of the most innovative printers for regular work and purposes. Whether you are looking for a printer for home or work, you are sure to find your ideal printer with Canon.
In printers, Canon Inc. has developed –

  1. Home and Photo Printers 

– Document and Photo Printers

– Mobile and Compact Photo Printers

  1. Refillable Ink Tank Printers 
  2. Small office and Home Office Printers 

– Maxify

– Pixim

And, till date, Canon is loved incredibly among users for their high-quality features and sleek designs. The best part is that with Canon you get to discover new each time. The variety of printers of the brand has given it a good boost over the last few years.

What Makes Canon Printers so Good for Regular and Standard Printing? 

Learn about the incredible Canon Printers features which will help you choose the right printer of your choice.

  1. Canon is not a new name or product in the world of printing devices. They have successfully won the trust of their customers with their printer quality and seamless printer experience.
  2. Reviews say that Canon Printers are highly inexpensive, ink-efficient and has a fast working capability when compared to its fellow competitors.
  3. With Canon, you can get a printer which works best for – personal use, small business, medium-sized business, and huge businesses.
  4. Some of the Canon Printers which are available in the market are-
  • Inkjet Multi-Functional Printer
  • Black and White Laser Printer
  • Inkjet single function Canon printer
  • Mobile printers
  • Canon Compact printers
  • Office Printers
  • Crafting printers

You can choose your ideal printer by your own choice by keeping a few things in mind like the budget and place where you would be using the Canon Printer.

Why Avail Canon Printer Support? 

No matter how great technology has been used in the designing of Canon Printers. All technologies are surely bound to face technical issues at one or the other point of time. At such times, you simply cannot let your work get hampered. Rather, make sure to troubleshoot the problem at the earliest possible. Because the more you delay the issue, the more chances increase for Canon printer damage. And, you obviously do not want that right.

Either troubleshoot the issue manually or simply contact professionals for Canon Printer help. They will make sure to diagnose the problem and then eradicate it by using the latest technologies. So, if you are a user of Canon Printer then do not get frustrated yet, look for help or guide instead.

What are Common Canon Printer Woes? 

Canon Printer issues are highly common and users often complain about some of the common Canon issues.

Here is a list of a few issues which we help troubleshoot you here-

  1. Canon Setup Issues
  2. Reset Canon Printer
  3. Help for Canon Installation issues
  4. Troubleshoot Canon Printer Ink Cartridge issue
  5. Canon Printer is Printing Slow
  6. Paper Jam Fix in Canon Printer
  7. Canon Printer is not working
  8. Resolve Canon Printer is Offline issue
  9. Canon Printer is Offline Mac
  10. Install, repair and update Canon printer drivers
  11. Troubleshoot network connectivity issue for Canon Printers
  12. Incompatibility issues for Canon in Windows XP and Vista
  13. Canon printer spooler issues

There are a plethora more issues which a user can face while using their Canon Printer. But, this doesn’t mean that the printer has gone out of functionality. All of the issues can be fixed with a little guide or professional help.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer is Offline Issue? 

Are you looking out for reliable help which will help you resolve the Printer is Offline error for Canon Printers? If yes, then keep following the steps mentioned below to eradicate the offline printer error from the roots.

There are three things that you can actually do to troubleshoot the issue effectively.

  1. Try to Restart the Printer Spooler Service 

Take a look at the steps below to resolve Printer Spooler Service-

– From the search box of the Start Menu, enter Service. Click on Services which is a Desktop App.

– Now, when you see the option for Print Spooler right-click on it.

– Select properties, and set its startup type to Automatic. Click on Ok

  1. Go to the settings and Disable the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option. 

– First, go to the Control panel.

– Then select Hardware and Sound.

– Further, go to Devices and Printers option.

– Right-click on the option for Canon printer and select ‘See What’s Printing’.

– Make sure that the option for ‘Use Printer Offline’ is unchecked.

– Cancel all the documents placed in the printing queue.

– Lastly, test printing to make sure that the Canon Printer is Offline issue is resolved.

  1. The third method is to reinstall the Canon Printer Software. 

If the above-mentioned methods do not work then try this out to get Canon Printer from Offline to Online.

  • Press the Windows key along with the R key together. This will open the Run Box.
  • Now, in the box enter devmgmt.msc and select Ok.
  • Under the print queues find the Canon printer. Choose Uninstall device option.
  • Finally, you can now download the latest driver for the model of your Canon Printer from its official website.

Let the installation process for the printers complete. Once that is done test printing out documents.

If an issue persists then do not hesitate for even a bit to seek help from professionals who have their expertise in troubleshooting Canon Printer is Offline Issue.

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline is Windows 10 issue? 

Is your Canon Printer showing Offline in Windows 10? We are providing you some steps which will help eradicate the problem in no time.

What are the Reasons for Canon Printer is Offline Windows 10 issue? 

If you are wondering about why your Printer is Offline in Windows 10 then here are some possible reasons.

  1. You have faulty connection ports and connections
  2. Your connecting cords or sockets are damaged.
  3. Printer spooler is not functioning properly
  4. No internet connection
  5. You are required to update Windows 10

Now, take a look at the easy methods which will resolve Offline Canon Printer Windows 10 problem-

  1. Firstly, check the power supply. If you see any damage then get it fixed immediately.
  2. Make use of the Canon Printer Software. There may be chances that due to a missing software the Canon Printer is unable to receive information from the PC.
  3. Try to set the printer online manually.
  4. Also, use the troubleshooting tools available in Windows 10
  5. Finally, you can try and update the Printer Driver.

In case, you are unable to fix the issue then try to discuss and get solutions from well-experienced technicians.

What is the procedure to Eradicate Canon Printer is Offline Mac issue? 

Is your Canon Printer not receiving commands from your Mac system? Know that this is not an issue which only you are facing, many users come to us for the same issue.

But, the good part is that you get to resolve the problem without much difficulty.

Resetting the Canon Printer 

How to do so.

  1. Go to the ‘Apple Menu’ and from here choose the ‘System Preferences’.
  2. Then, proceed to ‘Print and Scan’ option.
  3. When you see the option for ‘Reset Printing System’. Click on it.
  4. Also, make sure that the Canon Printer is attached to your Mac system. This can happen either through a wireless connection or an Ethernet connection.
  5. Now go back to the Print and Scan option and choose the + symbol. From here you can easily add your Canon Printer to your Mac System.

Hope that these steps will help troubleshoot Printer is Offline Mac issue. If not, then make it certain to take help from proficient experts.

What are the ways to Connect Canon Printer Easily to the Wifi? 

By any chance are you trying to connect your Canon Printer to Wifi? In addition, if you are tired of searching for reliable solutions, then worry not, we are here to help you out-

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi 

  1. Firstly, turn your Canon printer on.
  2. Then, move to settings and then press the Arrow button. Click ok.
  3. Now, keep pressing the arrow button till you see the LAN settings. Once its pops up, press ok.
  4. Keep doing the same until you go to the Wireless LAN setup
  5. When you see the light blinking, it means that your Canon Printer is searching for a Wifi Network.
  6. In case, you see that the process is taking too long, then immediately press Stop. You will land to Wireless LAN Setup.
  7. Go to Standard Setup and Click ok.
  8. After the Wi-Fi network is found, enter your password for the Wifi and click ok.

How to Resolve Canon Pixma MG3630 Wireless Connectivity Issue? 

There is no doubt that the Canon Pixma MG3630 printer is one of the most popular inkjet printers from the brand. Also, the printer is priced at a reasonable rate and is totally loved by customers.

But, most of the users usually complain about connectivity issues about the printer. If you are going through the same, then don’t worry because we are here to offer you a solution.

Canon Pixma MG3630 Wireless Connectivity Windows issue

  1. Go to Devices and Printers from the Control Panel and then remove the Canon Printer.
  2. Then, reset the Network settings.
  3. Another thing which you can try is to uninstall the printer software by going to the Programs and Features from the Control Panel option.
  4. Uninstall the Canon Printer software and then restart the PC.
  5. Then, restart the Canon printer software.

Canon Pixma MG3630 Wireless Connectivity Mac Issue 

  1. For Mac, you need to disable the firewall or antivirus software first.
  2. Proceed to Printers and Scanners option
  3. Now, press and keep the Control key on hold for a few seconds. You will see a list where you would need to click on Reset printing system.
  4. Now, restart your Mac PC.
  5. Get back to reinstalling the drivers for Canon Printer from Canon Official Website.

These steps should be enough to resolve the connectivity issue for Canon PIXMA MG3630 Printer. Also, If you are confused in any of the steps then feel free to contact for professional advice.