The Canon Printer Offline Fix is hassle-free if you try out the steps here. Trust me!

Canon printer users would know about its high-quality output, and surely this may be the reason due to which you bought the device at the first place. Now, let me tell you that facing technical glitches with your Canon device is nothing uncommon. But, situations may get critical if your printer gets stuck right before an important official meeting. And, ultimately this turns out to be the reason of your frustration.

But, wait! Before you thrash away your device try following these instructions below. We have made sure that all the troubleshooting methods for Canon Printer Offline are understandable and easy-to-implement in all ways.


Why is My Canon Printer Showing Offline?


Before rushing into Canon Printer Offline Fix, it is important to understand some of the major underlying causes to the issue. Once you get to the roots of the printer offline problem, troubleshooting it becomes a piece of cake.


  1. Port Issues

At times your device may go offline due to a damaged USB port. This further disallows the connection between the printer and your system. But, once you detect the problem and get the USB port fixed, the offline issue should resolve immediately.

  1. Outdated Firmware

Did you know the crucial role played by firmware in the spooling process? No? Well, it takes the information from your respective system and gets it converted into an image format. So, using an old firmware wouldn’t work in this situation.

  1. Incorrect Installation of Canon Printer

Being new to our devices, it is common to face hiccups where you are unable to install your Canon printer in the right way. You may also face an additional error message ‘Status is not available’. To fix the issue here you can try to check if your internet connection is slow or not and also ensure to check the power cables of your device.


NOTE- Some of the other possible underlying causes are –a paper jam problem, default settings, configuration problem, slow internet error, loose USB cable and many more. So, before you make a decision look for all of the above mentioned offline printer causes.


Instructions for Canon Printer Offline Fix


Now, let’s jump on to the solutions which will help troubleshoot the printer offline problem in the easiest manner.


  1. Check your Canon Printer Status

– First restart your printer device.

– Now, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Devices’. Then proceed to clicking on ‘Devices and Printers’

– Check the ‘What’s Printing’ option.

– Then, set your printer to the default option.

– Pause all pending print jobs and then check if the issue is resolved or not.


  1. Get your Driver the Necessary Update

If you have an outdated or corrupted driver then your printer may certainly go offline. So, it is time to visit the official website of Canon and check for any available driver updates. This will keep your printing device in the best possible condition.


  1. Eradicate/ Replace any Connection Failure

If your device has a damaged cable or USB then get it replaced immediately. You must also check if the Ethernet cable is well-connected to the Ethernet port or not. Also, if you are using a wireless connection for your printer then make sure that both the devices are well connected to each other.

  1. Turn on the Canon Printer’s Spooler

Here are the ways in which you can easily turn on the printer’s spooler.

– First select Windows Key and R key together. After the run box opens click on ‘service.msc’. Click Enter.

– After this go to properties and then check if the printer’s spooler is in a running status or not.

– In case you do not see the running mode then, simply the go the ‘Start’ option

– Now press on the option for Properties and then check if it’s turned on or not.

  1. Seek Technical Assistance

If you are unable to fix the Canon Printer Offline problem then opting for professional help sounds like the best advice for us. They will not only pen down the reasons for you but will also provide you with future advice so that you never have to face the same problem ever again.