Regardless of the brand of printer you are currently using, the device is bound to face issues. And, the same thing goes with Epson Printer. But, there is nowhere the need to worry, as these issues can be resolved at ease with the help of a few troubleshooting instructions. Also, you can avail for professional help if need an urgent help or the troubleshooting methods do not work.

Now, let’s quickly get on to the steps which will help you fix Epson Printer Issues.


  1. Epson Printer Printing with Missing Lines

Are you truly disappointed with the fact that your document has skipped a few lines during printing? If yes, then we are here at your rescue and all ready to help.


  • You have set low quality print settings
  • The paper thickness settings is inappropriate
  • Print Heads has been misaligned
  • Nozzle has clogged


  • Turn the Epson Printer on with proper connection
  • Click on ‘Start’ and then head towards ‘Control Panel’
  • Double-click on the option for ‘Printer and Faxes’.
  • Choose preferences by double-clicking on the ‘Printer’ icon.
  • Go to Services tab and choose ‘Service this Device’. Now, this option will take you to the Printer Toolbox.
  • Click on ‘Clean the Print Cartridge’ and carefully follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. Epson Printer Offline Issue

We understand the worry that a ‘printer offline’ can give you. Of course, you are unable to print out documents the whole time and the struggle of troubleshooting the issue is for real.

Here are some steps to help you out-

  1. Go to ‘Start’ and then open the ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Next, choose ‘Printers and Devices’ and right-click on ‘Printers’.
  3. Check the printing status from here.
  4. If it’s ticked as ‘Use Printer Offline’ then un-tick it right away.

Now that your printer status is changed, you will be able to get started with you printing.

  1. Wireless Printing Speed is Too Slow


You surely cannot blame the brand for this. Any Wireless printer in the market can face this issue. Wondering why? Well, this is not a manufacturing problem but rather an issue that has to do with the connection of the router.

Solution- Wireless Printing has its own limitations, one of which relates to the time when the Wi-Fi slows down. One thing which you can try doing is place the router and the Epson printer as close as possible.


We hope that these instructions has helped you out with the Epson Printing issues. In case you still have a problem then surely go for certified printer-based help. The experts here will be able to resolve your Epson issues at the earliest.