Expect to learn about the reasons and troubleshooting methods for Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue.

Brother Printer certainly has a repute of its own for the innovation of highly-functional printers. Their printers are exceptionally high-quality, so there is no doubt in the fact that there are so loved among the users worldwide. But, like any other printer, even Brother Printer are bound to face technical hiccups. And, at such critical times, it is not always possible to find solutions over the web, as most of the methods either don’t work or are super critical to understand.

But, honestly troubleshooting an issue such as ‘Brother Printer Offline Windows 10’ isn’t that difficult. You just have to figure the possible reasons for the occurrence of the glitch.

NOTE- These methods have proved to work for most users, so they certainly did not have the need to reach for technical printer help. However, at certain times the underlying reasons can be quite complicated and might need the hand of a proficient expert to fix the problem.

What are the Underlying Reasons for Brother Printer Offline Windows 10?

Here are some of the causes which come as culprit for the Brother Printer Offline in Windows 10 issue.

And, the main thing is that until and unless you resolve the issue there are no chances that the offline issue will resolve for your Brother Printer.

Take and look and make an attempt to figure out why your printer is facing the issue. Read on to know why?

  1. Printer is not getting a strong connectivity
  2. The Brother Printer Status is set to offline
  3. Print Spooler is facing an issue
  4. You need to update the Printer Driver
  5. Your USB cable is damaged or is loose in connection
  6. Corrupted or damaged drivers which may need immediate replacement
  7. There is a virus or malware affecting the system
  8. Firewall in Windows 10 is leading to the failure of Brother Printer Identification

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 problem can be caused by the above-mentioned issues. Luckily most of the problems stated here are easy to fix.

What happens when Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 Status pops up?

If you are a user who has face this issue earlier then you may just know how all your work gets impacted by the offline error. In this issue, the Brother Printer and your computer fail to communicate. And just because, the command doesn’t transfer to the printer, so the device is unable to perform any printing. Even drivers which are responsible for pushing the command to the printer, if damaged, can become a root cause to this problem. Now, coming to the Operating System, sometimes it is possible for users to upgrade their Windows due to which the printer device is lost from the OS. In such a case, we would suggest that you ‘Add your Printer’ as a new printer in Windows 10.

So, till the time you do not get up and resolve the Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue, you certainly won’t be getting any printing outcomes.

How to Easily Fix ‘Brother Printer is Offline Windows 10’ Error Manually?

Below we will mention some of the methods which will help you troubleshoot the offline error in Brother Printer for Windows 10. These steps are easy to implement and hence can be easily followed by any non-technicians.


  1. Go to the Start option in Windows 10 and then direct the cursor to the Devices and Printers option.
  2. Then, right-click on the icon of Brother Printer and click on ‘See What’s Printing’.
  3. Now, you will need to untick the option for ‘Use Printer Offline’. Once you uncheck it, the printer status will immediately turn online.
  4. Finally, restart the Printer.
  5. Make sure that once you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, you test the printing process so that you know that the method has worked or not.

In case, it didn’t then move ahead to the next method.


Sometimes there are chances that a duplicate of your printer has somewhere been recorder with the same name in the section of Devices and Printers.

Reason -When you try to introduce the same printer driver for more than one time.

To resolve the problem you can simply go to the section of Devices and Printers, and remove it. If you are unable to do so then do not hesitate to seek direct printer help from experts.


At times the cables connecting your printer as well as the computer can be loose or damaged. Try to fix the problem and your printer status will easily turn online. In case, your Brother printer is connected to the Wifi, ensure its speed and the strength of the network connection.

Also, make sure there are no paper jam errors by checking the input. If so, then take off the jammed paper and insert the rest of the printing papers in proper alignment. Finally, check the ink toners, sometimes if the levels are way too low or even empty then a Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue may occur.

We hope that the A-Z information about the offline issue was more than enough for you.