Is this question bothering you for some time now? If yes, then we totally understand because it is often seen that slow printing can not only hamper work speed & efficiency but also ruin your mood at the same time. So, don’t just start worrying about the problem, rather get rid of the issue as soon as possible by following some of the methods which will be mentioned in the latter phase of life.


What is the reason behind Brother Printer Slow to Print Issue?

Now, let’s hop on to the reasons which causes the slow printing issue—

  1. Corrupted printer drivers often result in slow printing. So, make sure that your drivers aren’t corrupted and you get them updated with their latest versions.
  2. Another important factor to understand is that a slow network connection can also hamper the speed of Brother Printer Devices.
  3. Too much load under the server due to which is why it is unable to print at a faster pace.

What is the Process to Fix Brother Printer Slow to Print Issue?

Keep a note of the instructions stated below so that you can find the best solution for the slow printing issue.

  1. First, go to Select File and then press Ctrl + P
  2. When you see a dialogue box popping up make sure that you enter your Brother Printer’s model name and number.
  3. The process maybe slow depending on factors such as – Printer and server status.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Next, the program will get to work immediately by rendering complex documents into simple graphics for the printer to understand.
  6. Then, the printing job is sent to print spooler where the language is re-rendered again.
  7. Your Brother Printer should be ready to mechanically print itself.
  8. In case, you notice that the printer is sleeping then don’t worry, the fuser in the printer will warm up automatically.

We hope that the instructions here has helped you out. However, if not then do not hesitate to grab technical help from expertise.