Do you want to get rid of the connection errors that happens to bothering with your current work? If your device fails to scan or print, or an error messages says ‘Printer is paused’ then these may be the result of a connection error.

We will help find reliable solutions for this and we promise that this blog covers it all for you. But, first we have to go through the steps which will help fix the problem.

Reasons for Epson Connection Error

  1. There are compatibility issues
  2. Outdated firmware
  3. The cable connections are loose
  4. Power cable or the power socket needs to be replaced
  5. A probable network issue, if you are currently using a wireless printer

What Methods will help Eradicate Epson Printer Connection Error?

Take a look at some of the methods if you are a user who is currently facing the connection error in your Epson Printer.

  1. Ensure Cable Connections Along with the Network Connections

– Both the type of connections are crucial for a printer to function.

  1. Run the Printer Troubleshooter

-First, go to ‘Start’ Menu and then open ‘Control Panel’.

– Then, search for PC repair or Troubleshooter.

– Now, open it and then go to the option for ‘Hardware and Sound’.

– Select the printer and then troubleshoot it.

  1. 3. Reset the Epson Printer.

Communication errors often resolves once the printer is set to reset.

  1. Check if any printer driver problem is there or not.

If yes, then either update the driver or get it replaced. You can go to the official website for Epson and then find the perfect driver for your printer.


If there are any more issues that you face with Epson Printer Drivers then make sure to reach out for professional help.