Undoubtedly, Brother has highly functional printers which allows users to bring their creativity out beautifully in plain white pages. Over the years, we have seen it grow and impress several users worldwide. But, even its flawless technology cannot save it from the impacts of technical glitches.

The top common issue which most users complain about is the Brother Printer is Offline problem. At times such a problem can become frustrating because a user is not able to print any documents out for further work. Now, some of the reasons which may be related with the printer offline issue are –

  1. Not enough power supply due to loose or damaged cables.
  2. There is a paper jam issue hence, causing a hindrance in the printing activity.
  3. The Brother Printer is suffering from a driver incompatibility issue.
  4. Too many pending print jobs. Try to delete them or at least pause them until the offline printer problem is resolved.
  5. The printer has a system hardware failure.

Easy Methods and Hacks to Troubleshoot Brother Printer is Offline Window 10 Issue

If you are looking for quick tips and tricks which will help you out with the offline issue in Brother Printer then great that you landed here.

We will offer you a few tips which will help you troubleshoot the problem at the shortest period.

  1. Restart your Brother Printer
  2. Then, change the printer settings to default
  3. Change the Brother Printer Status to Online
  4. Get Administration rights
  5. Make sure that you have the latest versions of drivers. And, remember that whatever the driver you are downloading, it should be according to your OS.
  6. If any of the printer’s parts are damaged or needs a replacement then get it.

Finally, do check if your Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 problem has been resolved or not. If not, then you may take the help of professionals.