Now that you have a HP’s printing device that won’t print, we are sure that you are looking for solutions for HP Printer Offline Fix. It is understandable that seeing the ‘printer offline’ can turn your mood off with frustration but the good part is that we are able to find certain solutions to help you out with the problem.

However, it’s upon you to see that you follow the instructions properly in order to get your printer back to its functionality.

Effective Guide for HP Printer Offline Fix

  1. Start by getting on there and see if the physical printers are well-connected to their cables.
  2. The next thing you can try is the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic tool. The benefit of using this tool is that it will enable an automatic diagnose and help with HP Printer Offline fix. Also, you can use the tool easily on your HP Deskjet, Envy, Officejet, and Photosmart printer.
  3. Set your HP Printer to default. And, while doing so pause or delete all the pending print jobs in queue.
  4. Try to update your printer firmware and drivers. It is good that HP is mostly consistent with their printer updates. So, keep a track of that and update the ones mentioned above to eradicate the offline issue.
  5. Go to the window for ‘Programs and Features’ and then reinstall your printer software.


How can you check connectivity with HP Print and Scan Doctor?

If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 8 user, then good for you because you can easily troubleshoot printer issues by downloading and using the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic tool.

Here are some of the steps which will help you in doing so-

  1. Get started by downloading the installer file.
  2. Next, open the exe in the Download folder.
  3. Once you see the program opening, click on ‘Start’. Then, choose the printer which you are currently using from the given list.
  4. Simultaneously, if there is a printer issue which needs to be tackled then click on ‘Fix Printing’.
  5. You may also need to continue to the next step if the printer issue remains consistent.


Following these steps should get you out of the printer issue, but if it doesn’t work then opting for a professional help would certainly help with HP Printer Offline Fix.