It isn’t uncommon for your printer to go offline, so if you are continuously cracking brains over resolving the issue then stop. We suggest you to read our blog first before you proceed to contacting a technician. Your Brother Printer Offline issue may have occurred due to conjointly issues such as a poor Wi-Fi connection, damaged or corrupted printer drivers and much more. And, even a system hardware failure can be the reason for an offline printer issue.

How to change Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 to Online?

At times the reason for your printer to offline can be a latest Windows update. The updated Windows will often times be unable to recognize the printer. In such a case it is important that you re-add your printer or on the other hand if there is a problem with the Windows itself, then rectify it by launching the troubleshooter.

Below we are providing you with a few instructions which will help you out at troubleshooting the Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue.

  1. First, proceed to ‘Start’ Menu and click on the ‘Control Panel’. Simultaneously go to the option for ‘Printers and Scan’. Here you will find all the printers which are currently setup on your laptop or system.
  2. Then, double-click on the icon of ‘Printer’. You will notice a pop-up window containing the details of all the present printing jobs. Pause all the pending printing jobs or just delete them all.
  3. Now, check the printer status and then turn them to online status from offline.


This is one of the most basic form of troubleshooting a printer offline issue.


What Different Methods can be used to Resolve Brother Printer Offline Issue?

If you aren’t sure about the first one then we have an array more methods which can be made applicable at times when your printing device needs desperate help.


  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer Drivers
  2. Check on your printer spooler service.
  3. Update to the latest version of Brother Printer Driver.
  4. Make sure that your printing device is set as default.
  5. Also, check for an error related to the connectivity
  6. Lastly, check for a malware issue.


All of the instructions mentioned above can help you resolve the Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue effectively without hampering your device further more. If you still do not find an appropriate result with the printing then seek out help from certified professionals.