Privacy Policy

At Printer is Offline we are known to offer customers with world class remote tech support. With this, we are able to troubleshoot common printer problems of our customers and still maintain their privacy to its best. As a team we are fully committed to maintain your privacy.

And, it is important for each of our customers to learn about our privacy policies which will help them to decide if to connect with us or not. Also, keep in mind that our privacy policies can easily change anytime without any prior notice. So, it will be better if you keep track of the policies and read them to stay on the same page as us.

Personal Details

It is our word to you that, under no circumstances will we sell, rent or even loan your contact and personal details to any third party. This will remain until and unless we are legally bound to do so. The information which has been collected from you is for our purpose of work only. And, we will use your personal details only regarding any services which you have requested for. This can include, renewal of a service, re-registration notifications, special offers, improvements in services and more.


Well, if you are confused about what are cookies? Then, it is simply a message which is sent to your web browser and is stored in a text file. In no way, is the usage of cookie linked to your personal information while you are discovering ‘Printer is Offline’

Retention of Services and Information

We will be retaining your personal information only till the time you are linked to us as customers. Once, you refuse to carry on with our services anymore, we will make sure that first we try for improvements through your feedbacks. If not, then you can leave our services. And thereafter, we wouldn’t be using your information any more.