While getting through work imagine what if your device malfunctions?

What if your device pops up with a printer offline message or the printing pages has streaky lines across its images or the text is way too vague to read? Sounds frustrating, right?

But, before you stress out know that these issues are common and =the help of some troubleshooting instructions can resolve the error. So, don’t worry, we are here at your rescue now.

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Issues – Top 3 Frustrating Error Solved

Today we will talking about the most common errors which can be problematic but their solutions are easy. Try it for yourself and see if your benefit from the solutions or not.

  1. Canon Printer Ghost Jam Error

If you think that Ghost Jam is the same as Paper Jam then you are wrong. Sometimes the printer may show an error for paper jam but when there isn’t, it will leave you confused.

Rather than wrecking your head, simply try troubleshooting solutions for Ghost Jam errors.

  • Start by removing the real duplexer and hold a grip over any of the four rollers. If they do not move around freely then head on to the next step.
  • Then, follow this important step very carefully. Connect two of the brass contact points with the help of a paper clip. Doing this will make your device think that the installation of the duplexer is still intact. Keep the contact in this way till you complete all the other instructions.
  • Now, hit ok on the control panel.
  • Check the white plastic gears and see if they more freely or not.
  • If not, then you may have to clear out the shards of paper from the gear teeth.

Now that you have all the rollers and gears spinning free, the ghost jam issue has been resolved.

  1. Canon Printer Offline

If your printer suddenly goes offline then maybe we can help you out with a solution.

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ first and then select ‘Printers and Devices’.
  • Now, right-click on Printers
  • Next is to check the status of the printer
  • If you see a tick on the ‘Use Printer Offline’ then untick it. This will easily bring your device to an online status.
  1. You are Unable to Print Documents from a Mobile Device

It is a true convenience to print documents from your smart phone. This is also a great way to take documents out, but for some users this is still a complicated issue.

Cloud Print for Android

  • Firstly go to Google Play Store and now add the ‘Cloud Print’ on your Android device.
  • Go to settings, here Cloud Print will show you a list of printers over Wi-Fi networks available near you.
  • Connect your Canon Printer
  • Finally, you can also use the Gallery of Print Saved Images and the printing process can start.

AirPrint for Apple

Did you know that all printers do come with a pre—loaded Apple’s AirPrint Software? This makes it easier to allow connection with iPad, laptop and iPhone. But, make sure that your Canon Printer is an Air-Print ready printing machine.

  • Start by selecting the app from which you desire to print.
  • Next, tap on Share
  • Hit on the option for Print


We hope that this blog provides you enough information about Troubleshooting Canon Printer Issues. You can also go for help from technicians if you printer is still in a bad or non-functional condition.