Are you unable to process printing because of ‘Brother Printer Offline’ error message?

Ah! We get your frustration here. But do you remember that when you purchased your printer, the reasons why you went for the brand – ‘Brother’. The reason has to be its reliability, reputation, fast printing and high functionality at a price that wouldn’t burn holes into your pocket.

However, these pros apart there are still issues which will take over the printing machine. According to users, one of the common ones is the ‘Offline Brother Printer’ problem.

Expect to find comprehensive solutions to the issue here.

What does it mean by Brother Printer Offline problem?

If you are confused about the exact meaning of the issue then here it is.

Mainly, when a printer goes offline it is impossible to bring out printing outcomes from the device. The connection between the two may have got hindered due to reasons like Windows upgrade, wrong system processing commands and so much more.

We assure to provide you the A-Z information about the causes behind the issue in our next segment. Don’t get discouraged yet because in-depth solutions are yet to come.


Why is My Brother Printer Showing Offline?

Printers technically are sensitive devices which may act out to some of the issues and then as a result suffer from printer is offline issue. As a non-technical user you can only try and check some of the causes which may have led to the device going offline.

We have an A-Z list of problems which contribute to the error.

  1. USB Cables are damaged
  2. Router is unable to connect to the device (For Brother Wireless Printer Offline error)
  3. You are using outdated Brother Printer Drivers
  4. Outdated printer software
  5. Connection break during Windows Upgrade
  6. Power supply issues
  7. Printer status is set to Offline
  8. Print jobs overloaded
  9. The device’s system hardware has failed
  10. Printer driver is incompatible for functioning
  11. A paper jam error
  12. The print spooler has failed to work
  13. Brother Printer configuration issues
  14. Corrupted printer drivers


Now, that you have this list in front of your screen, it’s easier to get an idea of why users actually face the error, right?

After learning its causes we will move ahead and discuss some of the most helpful guides to eradicating the printer is offline issue.

How to Turn Brother Printer Offline to Online Status? Comprehensive Instructions

Malfunctioning of the printer device is such a common thing. But, it is highly understandable if you are worrying over an issue as such.

We have a curated list of methods along with their detailed instructions which will help you out with Offline Brother Printer issue. Here we will also be listing a few points for troubleshooting offline printer in Windows 7/8/10 & Mac.

Brother Printer Offline Fix – Remove Error message

Don’t let your work pause, rather focus on its troubleshooting at a go.

  1. Replace any corrupted printer drivers and also any damaged USB Cables
  2. Re-connect Brother Printer with the router. But first do keep in mind to take a note about its SMTP and POP.
  3. Try to reboot the device as well as the system, and test out printing anything.
  4. Ensue that the printer status is set to ‘Use Printer Online’.
  5. Re-install the Brother Printer Software.
  6. Get to update the Printer Drivers. Use only the latest drivers available for your printing device.
  7. Make sure that you do check the Print Spooler service
  8. If you have a Windows OS, then go to ‘Run’ and then the ‘Microsoft Fix’ option. This will help you to breakdown common issues in your OS which is now leading to the Printer is Offline error in Brother.
  9. Another thing which you can try is to turn off the antivirus software or firewall. Sometimes your antivirus may fail to recognize the Brother printer itself.
  10. Remove the loaded print jobs from the queue. Also do make sure that your printing device is not facing a paper jam error.
  11. Reconnect the system by making the use of the Wi-Fi network. You never know when your Ethernet port may have gotten disconnected.


Troubleshooting for Brother Printer Offline on Different Operating Systems’ Windows

Regardless of the type of OS which you are currently using, you can simply follow our tips and tricks.

Quickly let’s hop into the effective troubleshooting steps.

Windows 7

Remove Drivers and Packages

  1. First go to Start and then Move to ‘All Programs’.
  2. Then, proceed to ‘Accessories’ and ‘Command Prompt’.
  3. Now, you need to open the ‘Printer Server Properties’ Windows.
  4. After which you can easily remove the ‘Driver and Package’ in ‘Printers’.
  5. Finally you can add your Brother Printer again by hitting on the option for ‘Add a Printer’ from ‘Devices and Printers’.


Windows 8

Basic Troubleshooting Method

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘Start Menu’ in Windows 8
  2. Select the option for ‘Printers and Drivers’ from the Control Panel here.
  3. Go to ‘Printers’.
  4. Then, uncheck the option which says ‘Use Printer Offline’ and this will directly get your printer back to its online status.
  5. Lastly test out the printer by running a test.


Windows 10

Remove Pending Brother Print Jobs.

  1. Go to ‘Control panel’ and reach at the ‘See What’s Printing’
  2. Now, check all the printing jobs that you have here.
  3. Then cancel out all the pending print jobs
  4. This method will stop all the overloading in your Brother Printer.


Brother Printer Offline Troubleshooting – One step solution

In case, you do not find adequate results you may seek for technical support for Brother Printer. This method can be used if you are in need of an urgent help to fix offline printer issue at ease.